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A retirement insurance plan, also known as a retirement annuity or a pension plan, is a type of investment that is designed to provide income during retirement. In a fixed retirement insurance plan, the policyholder makes regular contributions to the plan, and the insurance company guarantees a fixed rate of return on the investment. The income received during retirement is based on the amount contributed and the guaranteed rate of return.

In a variable retirement insurance plan, the policyholder’s contributions are invested in a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other securities. The return on the investment is based on the performance of the underlying investments, and the income received during retirement may vary depending on the performance of the portfolio.

Retirement insurance plans may be offered by employers as part of a benefits package, or individuals may purchase them on their own. These plans may have tax benefits, such as tax-deferred growth or tax-free withdrawals during retirement.

It’s important to carefully review the policy details and investment options before purchasing a retirement insurance plan to ensure that it meets your retirement income needs and investment goals.

SeQure your financial future and that of your loved ones with our comprehensive individual life insurance policy, which offers protection and peace of mind. Our policy provides flexible options and personalized coverage to suit your unique needs.

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Your age

18 yrs

36 yrs 47 yrs 60 yrs

Your current income per annum


USD XXX USD 1000000

Desired retirement age

18 yrs

36 yrs 60 yrs 80 yrs

Expected money growth (in %)



Regular bills






Inflated calculations against each current expense

  • Regular bills
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transport
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical

Current expenses

Retirement expenses

The money that you need at the day of retirement

USD '000
Total amount includes education and cost of living
@inflation rate of 2% pa
Assumed life expectancy is 80 years


  • Avail vesting benefits that gain from upside in the market
  • Dependant and family receive lump sum amount if the breadwinner passes away
  • Option to start your pension in INR and continue your insurance cover in USD
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Benefits of buying SeQure - Retirement Plan

  • Lump sum amount paid in case of death
    • Diagnosis of terminal illness
    • Diagnosis of any one of 37 critical illnesses
    • Accidental permanent total disability
  • Guaranteed installment benefit of minimum premiums in the event of critical illness or Accidental permanent total disability
  • Option of withdrawal at a pre-defined age during policy term to purchase a lifetime annuity plan in India
  • Enjoy undisturbed worldwide protection benefits
  • Receive final payout of fund value any time before the age of 99, when plan ceases

Continue enjoying the benefits in India in case of repatriation. Choose from one of the two options:

    1. Continue the plan in USD as is in Qatar, with worldwide protection benefits
    2. Get a fresh policy issued in India with no further underwriting


  • Receive guaranteed issuance of Indian policy/policies with waiver of medical underwriting (subject to other compliances with applicable Indian laws)
  • Option to choose from available plans in India at the time of opting for continuity (Fresh policy will be issued in India from available and approved insurance plans at the time of opting for continuity)
  • Laws & regulations prevalent at the time of porting are to be considered

On the date of transfer, following conditions to be met:

  • Written request along with new application form and other related documents to be submitted by the policy holder
  • Policy to be in force for at least two years
  • Refer to the terms & conditions in the policy document for more details


Specifications Criteria
Age at Entry
Minimum 20
Maximum 60
Annual premium
Minimum USD 1,200
Maximum No limit (subject to underwriting)
Policy term
Minimum 10
Maximum 99 minus age
Premium payment term
1,3,5,7,10 years