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A SeQure insurance plan is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for a child in the event of an unexpected event. Child insurance plans can provide various types of coverage, including life insurance, health insurance, education savings, and other benefits.

The policy can be purchased by the child’s parent or guardian, and the coverage typically continues until the child reaches a certain age.

Child health insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses related to the child’s health. These plans can cover a variety of expenses, including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and other healthcare-related costs.

Child education savings plans provide a way for parents to save for their child’s education expenses, such as college tuition and fees. These plans can be designed to provide a guaranteed amount of money at a certain age or to provide a set rate of return on the investment.

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Your child's dream college destination

Current age of your child

1 yr

20 yrs

Present Education Cost

Estimated number of years of studies

1 yr

10 سنة

How old will your child be, when you need the money

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20 yrs

Expected inflation rate

Country Name

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  • Gives you the opportunity to save regularly to set up a corpus for your child’s future
  • Avail double benefits of receiving payouts at the time of emergency educational requirements and also at the end of the policy term
  • Ensure that your children continue to receive financial assistance to follow their dreams should any unfortunate incident happen to you
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Benefits of buying SeQure - Child Plan

  • Flexible premium payment terms
  • Sum assured payable in case of:
    • Death
    • Diagnosis of terminal illness
    • Diagnosis in case of any one of specified 37 illnesses
    • Accidental permanent total disability
  • Guaranteed installment benefit injected into the fund for the remainder of the policy term in case of death of life insured


  • Avail education withdrawals at a predefined age for five years during the policy term towards education fees
  • Uninterrupted worldwide benefits
  • Avail final payout of fund at any time during policy term. Plan ceases at this point
  • Avail wide range of vintage global funds


Continue enjoying the benefits in India in case of repatriation. Choose from one of the two options:

    1. Continue the plan in USD as is in Qatar, with worldwide protection benefits
    2. Get a fresh policy issued in India with no further underwriting


  • Receive guaranteed issuance of Indian policy/policies with waiver of medical underwriting (subject to other compliances with applicable Indian laws)
  • Option to choose from available plans in India at the time of opting for continuity (Fresh policy will be issued in India from available and approved insurance plans at the time of opting for continuity)
  • Laws & regulations prevalent at the time of porting are to be considered

On the date of transfer, following conditions to be met:

  • Written request along with new application form and other related documents to be submitted by the policy holder
  • Policy to be in force for at least two years
  • Refer to the terms & conditions in the policy document for more details



Specifications Criteria
Age at Entry
Minimum 20
Maximum 55
Annual premium
Minimum USD 1,200
Maximum No limit (subject to underwriting)
Policy term
Minimum 10
Maximum 25
Premium payment term
1,3,5,7,10 years